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KF Industries
Ball Valves - Force Flanged Ball Valves - Check Valves - Butterfly Valves
Needle Valves - Hammer Unions - General Products - Flow Line Products
Seals and Gaskets - Fittings and Connections - Grooved End Products - EUE/Oil Country
Nowata Filtration
Filtration Housing - Replacement Cartridges - Coalescers Filter
Separators Forward Flow Gas Filters Water Filters

Quick opening closures
Valves - Arrestors - Rupture Discs

Pumps & Accessories

Absorbents, Wellhead Bio Mat
API 6A Chokes and Trim & Parts

Valve Systems

Stainless Steel Tubing

Polish Rods - Liners

Cutters - Cutter Wheels - Groovers Threaders - Dies - Cutting Oil - Vises Water Service Tools - Plastic - Pipe Tools Wrenches - General Pipe Working Tools
Cementing Hoses - Hammer Unions

Swivel Joints - Butterfly Valves

Pipe Repair Clamps- Polished Rod Clamps Crown Wobblers - Pump & Flow Tees Sleeve Couplings - Cast Tubing Discs
Lubr. Plug Valves - Rubber Products
Casing Heads - Tubing Heads
Skinner Brothers
Kenco Engineering
Liquid Level Gauges - Chemical Gauging Equipment - Sight Flow Indicators - Oil Level Controllers
Gas Compression Components

Pipe & Fittings in 2 3/8” – 6” sizes

Endurance Rod Guides

Lube Sealants & Lubricants - Valve Flush Lubrication Fittings, Adapters, & Tools Lubrication Equipment
Cone & Crown Ring
Teflon Rope Package

Load Line Containment - Containment Trays - Pig Catchers - Stuffing Box Containment

Compression Fittings & Valves
Gas - Beam & Electric - Chemical Pumps & Parts - Inline Checks

Sucker Rod Coupling, Pup joints and Tubing Coupling

Radiators for Arrow - Ajax - Fairbanks Witte Engines

Flange Insulator Kits - U Bolts

Oil and Gas thread compounds
Iron Mule
Iron Mule Products

Stainless Steel Gate Valves
Strainers - Dump Valves
Injection Assemblies

Premium Coated Downhole Pumps

Red Head, Blue Head, and Flanged. 30 and 60 Inch

Rod Pump Components - Barrels
Plungers and Heat Treated Tubing

PE Butt and Socket Fusion Fittings, Transitions, Flange Insulation Kits

V Belts, Power Bands, Hubs & Shivs

Safety Relief Valves - Choke Valves Liquid Level & Measurement Devices

Enduro-Bond Corrosion Resistant

Y Strainers - Basket Strainers
Fabricated Strainers

Cam & Groove Fittings, Hose Fittings, Brass Lever Valves, Banjo Ball Valves

Whitliejo Specialty
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