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KF Industries
Ball Valves - Force Flanged Ball Valves - Check Valves - Butterfly Valves
Needle Valves - Hammer Unions - General Products - Flow Line Products
Seals and Gaskets - Fittings and Connections - Grooved End Products - EUE/Oil Country
Nowata Filtration
Filtration Housing - Replacement Cartridges - Coalescers Filter
Separators Forward Flow Gas Filters Water Filters

General Purpose Wire Rope - Sand Lines
Drill Lines - Tubing Lines - Measuring Lines
Valves - Arrestors - Rupture Discs

Pumps & Accessories

Absorbents, Wellhead Bio Mat
Gate Valves - Pressure Relief Valves
Rubber Products - Rig Hardware
& Parts

Pig Valves

Stainless Steel Tubing

Polish Rods - Liners

Cutters - Cutter Wheels - Groovers Threaders - Dies - Cutting Oil - Vises Water Service Tools - Plastic - Pipe Tools Wrenches - General Pipe Working Tools
Cementing Hoses - Hammer Unions

Swivel Joints - Butterfly Valves

Pipe Repair Clamps- Polished Rod Clamps Crown Wobblers - Pump & Flow Tees Sleeve Couplings - Cast Tubing Discs
Lubr. Plug Valves - Rubber Products
Casing Heads - Tubing Heads
Skinner Brothers
Kenco Engineering
Liquid Level Gauges - Chemical Gauging Equipment - Sight Flow Indicators - Oil Level Controllers
Gas Compression Components

Pipe & Fittings in 2 3/8” – 6” sizes

Endurance Rod Guides

Lube Sealants & Lubricants - Valve Flush Lubrication Fittings, Adapters, & Tools Lubrication Equipment
Cone & Crown Ring
Teflon Rope Package

Load Line Containment - Containment Trays - Pig Catchers - Stuffing Box Containment

Compression Fittings & Valves
Gas - Beam & Electric - Chemical Pumps & Parts - Inline Checks

Tubing - Sucker Rod Couplings
Pup Joints - Pony Rods

Radiators for Arrow - Ajax - Fairbanks Witte Engines

Flange Insulator Kits - U Bolts

General Oilfield MRO Products
Channel Solutions Providier
Neway Oil Equipment
Wellhead Gate Valves, Flange Adapters
Flanged Wellheads and Parts

Gas Regulators, Level Controllers
Dump Valves, Safety Relief Valves

Premium Coated Downhole Pumps


Rod Pump Components - Barrels
Plungers and Heat Treated Tubing

PE Butt and Socket Fusion Fittings, Transitions, Flange Insulation Kits

V Belts, Power Bands, Hubs & Shivs

Safety Relief Valves - Choke Valves Liquid Level & Measurement Devices

Enduro-Bond Corrosion Resistant

Y Strainers - Basket Strainers
Fabricated Strainers

Cam & Groove Fittings, Hose Fittings, Brass Lever Valves, Banjo Ball Valves

Stainless Steel Gate Valves
Strainers - Dump Valves
Injection Assemblies

Domestic Closures

API 6A Chokes and Trim

Valve Systems
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